12:01 AM is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season. It was released on 13 March 2009.

Charlie is distracted from applying math to his first basketball-coaching job (a role he reluctantly shares with Larry) when a psychiatrist calls out of the blue, claiming to have evidence that clears a death-row inmate, leaving Charlie and the FBI team very little time to ensure real justice occurs.

Throughout the episode, Colby is on a fishing trip. David mentions him to Nikki a few times, and she alluded to a possible homosexual romance. (A romance that, might I add, has much fanfiction to its' name.)

Nikki Betancourt said to David, “You talk about him [Colby] a lot. Isn't there some girl you should be talking about instead?”


David (over the phone, to Colby): All right, give me a call when you can. *hangs up*

Nikki: Is that Colby?

David: *blushes* No.

Nikki: *grabs phone, checks caller ID, smirks* Wait, did you just call him "baby"?

David: I said "buddy," all right? I was just calling to update him on the case. Is that okay?

Nikki:Maybe you should try JDate or something.

David: Is there a purpose for you coming over here?


  • This comes from the modern convention that the condemned is executed just after midnight, as a new day starts, rather than the historical tendency for an early morning public event.
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