All's Fair is the eighteenth episode of the second season. It was released on 31 March 2006.

After an Iraqi woman - in the US to film an interview on atrocities against women back home - is murdered. Clues lead to an American military suspect, and the team must determine the truth before another killing occurs.


Army Lt. Barry Burchfield refers to the green camouflage uniform as "camies". US Army Soldiers use the term "BDUs" (Battle Dress Uniform), US Marines use the term "camies".

The (supposed current) photo of Lt. Joseph Karnes shows him wearing a hat that the US Army stopped wearing in 2001.

The letter which Nasreen shows to Don Epps is supposed to be written in Arabic, and is shown in closeup. However, upon inspection, the letter is complete gibberish, consisting mostly of unconnected Arabic letters or nonsense words.

Mosques have separate entrances for men and women. They are not allowed to worship together. Both sexes likely would not even be entering from the same side of the building, yet the worshipers appeared to be using the same entrance. The undercover agents were concentrated at that one entrance as well.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 34,000 Insurgent Attacks 65,000 Iraqis in Calfornia 5 Calls to prayer 1 god

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