Amita Ramanujan (from "Cause and Effect" onwards Eppes) (Navi Rawat) is a main character in Numb3rs. She begins the series as Charlie's student and frequent collaborator.

Amita is a phenomenally intelligent, generally extrovert person with a similar voracious curiosity to that of Charlie and Larry. If, however, they are, as occasionally circumstances and early hairdos suggest, Larry and Curly, she is definitely not Moe, being in general the voice of sanity and the real-world in their planned explorations of the outer reaches of thought.

She is the daughter of Tapti Ramanujan (Gita Reddy) and Sanjay Ramanujan (Brian George), Indian-American citizens who work for the Indian Ministry of Finance, and visit Amita and Charlie in "Pay to Play".

Amita finishes her math studies (almost incidentally acquiring a Ph.D. in the process) and transfers to the Physics Department, in large part so that she and Charlie are no longer teacher and student, and thus not precluded by CalSci's bylaws from having a relationship. As so often with these things, however, they are a living demonstration of Shakespeare's assertion that "the course of true love never did run smooth", and numerous roadblocks and precipitous drops bedevil their route to "happily ever after".

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