• Jiskran

    Reawakening Numb3rs

    October 30, 2014 by Jiskran

    My hope and endeavour is to breathe some life back into this site, which seems to me to have great promise. The series was a nice mixture of action and concept, with frequent moral dilemmas which had more than a forty-minute impact.

    I will attempt to go through the episodes and 1) make sure they correspond to the description (as a couple are currently 'misplaced') and 2) start to divide the page, with sections for "Principles, Theorems and Analogies" and "Title" at least.

    I myself am not opposed to fanfic being included on the site, so long as it is very clearly labelled as such, and kept on pages separate from those for the TV series itself.

    If anyone has any other suggestions on how to make this place more welcoming and attractive to potent…

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