Con Job is the ninth episode of the sixth season. It was released on 20 November 2009.

When robbers hit a diamond exchange and take hostages, Don and the team find an unlikely ally in convict John Buckley, who may help the team's investigation when they believe the men are copying Buckley's criminal strategies - for a price.


  • 'Con' in the senses of both 'convict' and 'confidence' as in 'confidence trick' or flim-flam.


At the end of the episode Buckley makes a video call to the Epps family, he says that he and Don "under different circumstances, could've been friends" and they "could go skiing". In real life, Fisher Stevens (Buckley) is very good friends with actor Rob Morrow (Don), and the two regularly ski together.


At the end of the episode Buckley makes a video call supposedly from Lichtenstein it appears to be early evening in California. However it is clearly daytime wherever Buckley is, and Lichtenstein is 9hrs ahead of California, which would make it the early hours of the morning in Lichtenstein, and indeed throughout the whole of Europe.

When Buckley makes a "web call" to the Eppes family, he claims he's in Liechtenstein, but the background of skiers is clearly a video loop, visibly cross-fading on each iteration. Even if it is intended to be a ruse by Buckley, the Eppes family should have spotted it immediately and called him on it.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 3 gunmen 16 million dollars 26 hostages 1 con

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