Crystal Hoyle is the driving force behind "Spree" and "Two Daughters", whilst her influence reaches out to shape "Arrow of Time", through her lover and accomplice Buck Winters. Crystal enthralls the teenager, and sets him off on a rampage of violence and excess, looking to prove some point that is never entirely clarified, seemingly even to herself. She has momentary regrets about her own unfitness as a mother, but in the end elects to drive straight at an FBI roadblock in a car crammed with grenades, looking for the "blaze of glory".

Don Eppes shoots her dead with a sniper rifle at range, to protect his own people, and possibly in part as retribution for her abduction of Megan Reeves. This comes back to haunt him when Buck tries to essentially commit "death by cop", looking to provoke Don into putting him out of his endless misery. Don seems to desire to help the younger man, even while sending him back to prison.

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