Dirty Bomb is the tenth episode of the first season, and the tenth episode overall. It was released on April 15, 2005.


A truck of nuclear materials is stolen by terrorists who intend to use the materials to make a bomb which would then be used on the city of LA. Only Charlie and the Eppes' father Alan can save the city from a small nuclear blast.


  • The term "Dirty Bomb" refers to an explosive, usually a nuclear device, intended to cause maximum levels of radiation sickness and to contaminate the environment as much and as widely as possible. It is in many ways the antithesis of the neutron bomb.
  • When Charlie is writing probability numbers on the board he writes 1 then the next number is 1.0. That is an error. They are the same thing/number.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 500g Nuclear Material 20 kg Explosive 400 threats 1 Dirty Bomb

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