End Game is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season. It was released on 25 April 2008. Clay Porter returns to the U.S. when his father and sister are taken hostage, and Don embarks on a deadly cat-and-mouse game to try to catch Porter and rescue his family.


Bill Nye The Science Guy makes a somewhat comic cameo appearance as Bill Waldie, the Cal Sci engineering expert helping Alan plan the green upgrades to his home, like a furnace that heats with converted algae and a wind turbine generating 5 kilowatts per day, with the noisy blades directly outside Alan's bedroom window.

This is the third adn final time that Bill Nye plays as Bill Waldie in this series.


When Porter dumps the soda cans on Granger, it's clear from the sound and the way the cans fall that they are empty.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 4 marines 2 hostages 1.5 million dollars 1 war

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