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Megan Reeves, like Terry Lake before her, provides crucial insight into the inner workings of the criminal mind, and those of witnesses, and helps to develop frequent non-violent solutions to problems. She is in a relationship with Larry Fleinhardt for some time, although when she decides the FBI is no longer for her, she leaves him behind as well.

Unlike Nikki Betancourt and Liz Warner, Megan tends not to take an "anything you can do, I can do better" approach with the boys, and it is that level of trust, particularly when it is betrayed by Colby's revelation as a spy, that leads her to conclude she's not cut out for this life. In contrast to Terry, Megan is often fondly recalled after she leaves, although even for the finale she does not make it back.

From the beginning, since she is neither overwhelmed by his intellect nor driven to compete with him, Megan shows a comprehensive appreciation of Charlie's contribution, and is often the one to gently steer him back towards their focus, rather than making the exercise the intellectual wellspring of fascination it could be if ...