Pilot is the first episode of the first season, and the first episode overall. It was released on January 23, 2005.


When a rapist proves rather too difficult to find for the FBI, Agent Eppes and Agent Lake utilize Agent Eppes' genius mathematician brother, Charlie, to triangulate the rapist's point of origin, and sift for his MO.


When several women are found raped and killed, Don asks his genius brother Charlie to help find the killer. Charlie must gain the respect of his brother’s team though. They like him, but they are pretty unimpressed when his first ’killer-finding algorithm’ pinpoints a local stadium as the perp’s home.

Wikia Numb3rs - Eppes convergence at FBI HQ

The murders continue, and Charlie becomes increasingly frustrated at the fact that the math isn’t working. Finally, he comes up with a revised equation that sends the agents to the home of one Roland Haldane.

While talking to Haldane, Don becomes convinced this is their perp and while looking at the bottom of a knife discovers the marks the rape victims have been branded with. Terry is looking around outside and discovers a fourteenth victim; she is suffocating but still alive when Terry finds her. Roland is shot by Don when he tries to get away.

Then Don lets Charlie know that his equation was right since Roland had moved out of the old neighborhood a few weeks back


[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 06:00 Time 594-E4 Map Grid 772-04 Case # 1st murder




While showing the nurse's house from a distance you can clearly see the house has bars on the windows and doors. Yet they enter the house through a window and no bars are present in the shot.

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