Sacrifice is the eleventh episode of the first season. It was released on April 22, 2005.


Dr. Larry Fleinhardt's friend from college days Jonas Hoke, a senior computer-science researcher, is found murdered. He was in the process of developing a classified program to evaluate government projects for Robert Oliver's firm, the Lorman group, with gifted college drop-out Scott Reynolds. Data was stolen from his computer, which only contains a coded program for analysis of baseball statistics. Hoke's financial divorce complications seem irrelevant, although his wife had a relationship with their security system installer Lucas Grant. However, Charlie deduces that Hoke actually used the same kind of advanced statistic analysis and performance prediction on other data, cleverly masked under meaningless baseball numbers: Hoke applied this cutting-edge method to calculate human performance prospects in real life, based on various governmental and other data, a potentially far more valuable application...