The first season of Numb3rs, an American television series premiered on CBS on January 23 and concluded on May 13, 2005 with the consists of 13 episodes.

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The first season sees the start of the working relationship between Don Eppes, an FBI agent, and his genius brother Charlie, an applied mathematician and professor at a local university. The rest of Don's FBI team consists of Terry Lake and David Sinclair. Don and Charlie's father, Alan Eppes, provides emotional support for the pair, while the brilliant Professor Larry Fleinhardt and promising doctoral student Amita Ramanujan provide mathematical support and insights to Charlie.


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Image Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate Episode Production Code
101 Pilot Davis Guggenheim & Mick Jackson Nicolas Falacci & Cheryl Heuton Jan. 23, 2005 1 001
To help capture a serial rapist-turned-killer, FBI Special Agent Don Eppes recruits his genius brother Charlie, who uses a mathematical equation to identify the killer’s point of origin by working back from the crime scene locations.
102 Uncertainty Principle David Von Ancken Nicolas Falacci & Cheryl Heuton Jan. 28, 2005 2 004
Charlie accurately predicts where a band of bank robbers will strike next. But when Don and his team confront them, a massive shoot- out occurs leaving four people, including an officer, dead.
103 Vector David Von Ancken Jeff Vlaming Feb. 4, 2005 3 003
Various people in the L.A. area with seemingly nothing in common start to become extremely sick and die on the same day. Don fears bioterrorists may have released a deadly virus into the environment.
104 Structural Corruption Tim Matheson Liz Friedman Feb. 11, 2005 4 105
After an engineering student at CalSci is found dead from an apparent suicide, Charlie convinces Don to launch an investigation after he reads the student’s thesis that asserted that the architecturally magnificent Cole Center in Los Angeles is structurally unstable.
105 Prime Suspect Lesli Linka Glatter Doris Egan Feb. 18, 2005 5 106
When a five-year-old girl is kidnapped from her birthday party, Don and Terry lead the investigation, but must rely on Charlie’s help because the girl’s father, Ethan, is also a mathematician.
106 Sabotage Lou Antonio Liz Friedman Feb. 25, 2005 6 102
While consulting with the NTSB at the scene of the wreck, Don learns that this tragedy is one of a series of recreated accidents involving railroad negligence. As is the pattern with the previous train wrecks, an undecipherable numerical code is left at the site.
107 Counterfeit Reality Alex Zakrzewski Andrew Dettman Mar. 11 2005 7 107
Don learns that counterfeiters are at work producing small denomination bills and that they have taken an artist hostage to draw the images for the fake money.
108 Identity Crisis Martha Mitchell Wendy West Apr. 1, 2005 8 108
A man wanted for stock fraud is found garroted in his apartment, and the crime is eerily similar to a murder committed a year earlier, a case in which Don closed when an ex-con confessed.
109 Sniper Zero J. Miller Tobin Ken Sanzel Apr. 15, 2005 9 109
The city is in a panic as a sniper goes on a shooting spree and randomly kills several people, including a postal worker. The investigation reveals that more than one shooter is at work. As Charlie works the case, he’s frustrated by a sniper expert Don brings in to help out.
110 Dirty Bomb Paris Barclay Andrew Dettman Apr. 15, 2005 10 110
A truck carrying radioactive material is stolen, and the thieves threaten to set off a dirty bomb in L.A. in 12 hours if they aren’t paid $20 million.
111 Sacrifice Paul Holahan Ken Sanzel Apr. 22, 2005 11 111
A senior computer-science researcher working on a classified government project is found murdered in his Hollywood Hills home and data has been stolen from his computer.
112 Noisy Edge J. Miller Tobin Nicolas Falacci & Cheryl Heuton Apr. 29, 2005 12 112
Don and Agent Weston of the NTSB investigate eyewitness accounts of a mysterious unidentified object flying dangerously close to downtown Los Angeles that has raised concerns of a terrorist attack.
113 Man Hunt Martha Mitchell Andrew Dettman May 6, 2005 13 113
A dangerous felon escapes when a prison bus crashes and the FBI has reason to fear he’s intent on revenge against the witness whose testimony put him in jail. However, finding the elusive killer proves to be a complicated challenge.
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