Tabu is the eighth episode of the fourth season. It was released on 16 November 2007.

A wealthy man's daughter is kidnapped, and Megan is astounded by his behavior while the team tries to rescue her.


As well as the literal meaning, "Taboo" can be a word game in which a specific term is 'off limits' and must be alluded to or described without using a short list of other forbidden terms, generally the ones most closely associated with the target word.


The plot of this episode closely resembles the true events of Patricia Hearst, a socialite and heiress, who was kidnapped in 1974 by a radical group. The group initially demanded a ransom in the form of food money for the needy in California, much like the demands of the fictional group in this episode who displayed similar altruistic beliefs, from their hostage's father, and again, like the fictional Ella Pierce, Patty Hearst eventually turned against her father and joined the group's cause as seen in her later participation in a bank robbery with the group.

The coordinates shown for the IDF hideout are N34° 38' 23" W118° 14' 34"


On the end of the episode Don Eppes is watching a old hockey game in his bedroom. Liz Warner arrives to the apartment and comes to the bedroom. When Don notices her there is sound of old picture tube television turning off. Still next time the television is seen its still on. It is also a new flat screen television that doesn't make the same sound when its turnoff as does those old picture tube televisions.

The coordinates (N34° 38' 23" W118° 14' 34") that Amita's (Navi Rawat) sat-phone decoder finds are not in East L.A.; they're in Palmdale, about 70 mile north of Los Angeles.

Charlie's girlfriend Amita Ramanujan (Navi Rawat) says she can use the DTMF frequency of the sat phone to trace the call. This is patently absurd. DTMF is the pair of tones used on POTS phones to dial a telephone number, they are not used at all, ever, on cellular (or SAT phones). The only time DTMF is used after a call is connected is if the caller is connected to an auto-attendant (what most businesses use) or accessing your own voicemail. DTMF would never be used for a call in progress unless you accidentally bump one of the buttons, but that didn't happen here.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 2 demands 40 million dollars 2271 satellites 322 e-mails

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