The Running Man is the fifteenth episode of the second season. It was released on 3 February 2006. When a DNA synthesizer with the potential to be a bio-terror weapon is stolen from a university lab, Charlie and the team must find the device before it is spirited out of the country - or put into use.


From a Stephen King story, later loosely adapted into an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.


In the final scene, it is really Rob Morrow playing the piano.

In the first scene, a runner is wearing a red "Mathematica" T-shirt. Mathematica is a computer product from Wolfram Research, widely used in the mathematical and scientific community for programming, computation, and visualization. The design on the shirt shows a type of recursive, fractal figure.


About a third of the way through when Dr Fleinhardt joins the agents at the FBI, when the camera zooms in on Dr Fleinhardt a tall random agent walks from the back of the office toward Fleinhardt and then when the camera zooms out the same agent is seen appearing from the back walking towards Fleinhardt.

The opening set of numbers with the running stopwatch is flawed. It fades to Ron running with the stopwatch time at about 21:41 minutes with Charlie stopping the stopwatch less than a minute later. At the speed of 12.9 MPH, it would take 28:54 minutes to run 10,000 meters which is significantly longer than Ron's supposed time. At the time this episode aired, the fastest 10k time was 26:17.53 held by Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele.

When the agents go in to question Doug Windom, in the long shot he is holding the cutting touch to far from the metal he is cutting. In the closer shot he is holding the touch much closer, but the metal isn't yet ready to cut. If he put the heat on his work the moment the scene began, by the time of the close-up he would be ready to begin the cut.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 10,000 meters 12.9 M.P.H 1 finish line 22:41:17 minutes

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