Uncertainty Principle is the second episode of the first season, and the second episode overall. It was released on January 28, 2005.


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A pair of bank robbers are quietly taking LA by storm but Charlie delivers an equation that may predict their next location. Unfortunately, these bandits aren't as gentlemanly as the bank videos suggest.


Don and Charlie graduated high school on the same day.

The explanation of the uncertainty principle in this episode has been confused with the so-called observer effect. Both are aspects of quantum mechanics, but the uncertainty principle states the impossibility to measure the value of some pairs of variables (so-called conjugate quantities) like location and speed of a particle at the same time with absolute certainty, while the observer effect states that observing an object always has an effect on the object.

Alan's wife, and Charlie and Don's mother, died of cancer.

When he was three, Charlie could multiply four digit numbers in his head.

The local news station shown in this episode was Channel 8.


Charlie talks about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, from which the episode title is derived, but confuses it with the Observer Effect, which the episode really is about and should have been titled after. The uncertainty principle deals with measurement, and not observation.

Captain MacNevish wears "combat leader identification tabs" on the shoulder loops of his uniform. Delta Force staff officers would not wear these on their shoulder loops.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 16 Banks Robbed 2 Suspects $2700 Average Take 0 Weapons Used

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