Waste Not is the ninth episode of the third season. It was released on 17 November 2006.

Charlie's investigation of a company's toxic paving material is impeded by a new school administrator at CalSci, who wants him to focus primarily on his pure academic work instead, while for Don the moral and the legal don't quite add up.


The phrase "Waste not, want not", the mantra of the pack rat, would seem to be the origin, although here there is equally the toxic waste element and the massive sums of money available to those who dump illegally.

This episode introduces Dr. Millie Finch (Kathy Najimy). The character was introduced to help fill the void left later in the season when Larry (Peter MacNicol) spends several months on the International Space Station, then retreats to a monastery (in real life, MacNicol was playing a recurring character on the 6th season of 24 (2001)). Najimy was reluctant to commit to a TV role, but was persuaded by the quality of the show's writing. Nevertheless, her role only lasted 9 episodes; the character is mentioned in later seasons, but never appears.


When Charlie Eppes says "The acid effect was like SWISS cheese...", they show a "Jarlsberg", which is a Norwegian brand of cheese.

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13 Million tons of hazardous waste 9.6 Billion dollars in fines 1244 disposal sites 1 Sink hole

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