Where Credit's Due is the fourth episode of the sixth season. It was released on 16 October 2009.

The team gets a close-up look at the movie business when a producer's desiccated body is found in the desert. Elsewhere, Larry knows that he's leaving but not his destination, and Alan struggles with technology, and his place in a new, ever-changing world.


The full expression is "Credit where credit's due", meaning that one acknowledges someone else's vital contribution to a process, or even leading role therein. Here, it's connected to the credits of a movie, the opening and closing acknowledgement of contributors.


In one scene, Adam Goldberg mentions "David Schwimmer", who should play in his movie. Adam Goldberg and David Schwimmer played together in the series "Friends".


When Don, Charlie, and Larry are sitting in a room in the house talking, a shadow becomes visible in the doorway behind them. Right before the scene changes, a member of the crew's foot is visible as they begin to walk within camera range.

In the wide shot of the car, sky and for sale sign when Larry is looking at the property for sale the night sky is tiled. Two copies of the constellation Scorpius can be seen, one on the left and the other slightly fainter at far right.

Crazy CreditsEdit

[This appears on the beginning of the episode] 610 movies annually 49000 theater screens 28 billion box office revenue 127 pages

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